Community VBS Frequently Asked Questions

What is CVBS?

CVBS stands for Community Vacation Bible School, a 5-day FREE summer camp the week of June 20-24, 2016 for kids who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade. CVBS takes place every year at Redwood Chapel in Castro Valley, with over 800 children and 300+ volunteers in partnership with Redwood Chapel, 3Crosses, and CV First.  Each year, Community VBS has a unique theme and is always packed with fun, skits, games, crafts and much more. This year the entire campus will be transformed into an underwater world as kids dive down into the depths of the ocean with “Submerged!  Finding Truth Below the Surface!”

What will kids experience at CVBS?

Kids who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade are assigned to “Crews” within the same grade. Our 4th/5th graders have their own fun program with some dress-up theme days and other exciting age-appropriate activities. They will join in with all the campers for “Rally” at the end of each day. Each group will have a Crew Leader that leads them through the activities each day. During the opening program, kids experience an exciting kick-off time with music instruction and singing.  Next they attend various “stations” around campus with their assigned group and Crew Leader, including crafts, recreation, snack, Bible story, Bible basics and Missionary story time.  Concluding the day’s activities is “Rally” in our main sanctuary where all of the campers and leaders come together again for an exciting time of singing, an update on our grade level competition, skit, then we close in prayer.

How do I register my child?

Parents and Guardians may register children from April 3rd through June 12th on this website.  Please note that this is the most streamlined way to register your children.  Pre-registering ensures that your child is placed on a Crew before CVBS starts and you will not have to wait in a long line the first day.  It also helps us with planning resources and supplies when we have an accurate number of attendees, but best of all, it simplifies getting your child started with the CVBS fun!  (There are no longer any paper registrations starting this year.)

May my child Request a buddy? 

Your child may request a buddy in his or her grade or in one grade below. Entering the name of a friend/sibling in a younger grade confirms your wish for your child to be placed in the grade below at CVBS.  We do our very best to accommodate buddy requests but requests cannot be guaranteed especially where there are multiple requests.

Can my Preschooler or baby attend CVBS?

We offer a preschool program and nursery for CVBS workers who volunteer the entire VBS week. If you are interested in serving at CVBS you can sign up to volunteer at and go through our volunteer screening process.  Once you are assigned to a Department, you will receive the link to register your baby or preschooler. 

What happens if I try and register my child AFTER June 12th?

Pre-registering is definitely the best option, but if you miss the cutoff of June 12th, you may “walk-in register” on June 20th (the first day of CVBS).  A Parent or Legal Guardian is required to be present to register a child. For their safety, PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD or CHILDREN before 8:45 - please stay with them until they have been handed over to their Crew Leader at 8:45. Once you are on campus, follow the signs to the Centralized Registration Area and register at one of the available computer screens (or you may use your smart device while waiting in line).  Next you will have your registration confirmed by a volunteer with a signed slip and from there you will be directed where to go. Please allow extra time on your first morning to complete this.

What are the first day expectations?

Our CVBS program begins at 8:45 when our Crew Leaders will welcome and be responsible for your/the children assigned to their Crew.  NO child is to be left before 8:45 am at CVBS.  We strongly encourage you to make a connection with your child’s Crew Leader and to communicate with them throughout the week (especially if someone else will be picking up your child).

If you have pre-registered your child online, check the board for your child’s Crew number and proceed to the correct Crew line.

If you haven’t pre-registered your child, you MUST “walk-In register” (see paragraph above).


Where is the best place to park?

You may park in any available parking spot in the Redwood Chapel parking lot to drop off your children but please note that the center parking area is closed from 9:30 am – 12 pm for Recreation.  Please be careful with children present and obey all signs and Traffic Safety personnel.  Please be patient and allow for more time on the first day of CVBS as traffic in and out of the campus will no doubt be congested.  The safety of your children is our priority!

What should my child wear?

Please have your child wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes each day to CVBS (no flip-flops or Heelys). You might also wish to put your child’s name on any sweater or jacket that might find itself missing (we will have a lost and Found in the CVBS Office).  On the first day of CVBS, your child will be given a nametag when they check in with their Crew leader at their assigned group. Your child’s Crew Leader will keep your child’s nametag at the end of every day.

What should my child bring to CVBS?

Please send your child with a Bible if you have one (preferably one with the complete Old and New Testaments, with your child’s name in it) as the children will be learning to use their Bible in Bible Basics.  If you do not have a Bible at home, we will provide your child with one.  If your child has food allergies, you may wish to pack a nut-free snack for them to eat during snack time (we usually serve something small such as pretzels, goldfish, etc).  Preschool children (whose parents are volunteering at CVBS) will need to be sent with a nut-free lunch.

What time does CVBS start and end every day?

Please have your child in their Crew Line by 9am (Crew lines open at 8:45).  CVBS ends each day at 12:30pm.  You (or a person 12 years or older) can pick up your child.  Any children K-3rd grade who are not picked up will be brought to the CVBS office to wait for their parent or guardian. (4th/5th graders are released on their own – please designate a pickup place with your child!)

May I pick up my child early?

If your child needs to leave CVBS early, you must pick him or her up before 11:50 a.m. (as Closing Rally starts at NOON).  For the safety and protection of all the children in our care, please do not simply go to your child’s classroom (as he or she may not leave their group on their own) instead you should go to the CVBS Office where a volunteer will assist you. All children leaving CVBS early MUST be signed out. 

What if my child arrives late?

While we really want your child to arrive on time, we understand that sometimes that is not possible, so if you arrive after 9am, please make your way to the Information Booth (in the Worship Center Lobby) and your child will be escorted to their Crew leader where they can join in the fun.

What if my child has an injury or medical issue?

Occasionally, children get injured or sick while at CVBS. We have nurses on duty at our First Aid Station located in the Brides’ Room in the Worship Center (across from the Information Booth). If your child has ANY special needs (Epi-pens, medications, etc.,) please make sure to indicate this and your emergency contact information on your child’s registration form so we can reach you.

May I watch the Rally from 12-12:30pm?

Parents/Guardians are not permitted to sit with the children as all seating in the Worship Center has been designated for children, however, you may check in at the doors with Safety Personnel and you will be directed to go upstairs to the balcony area.

What / when is the “Grand Finale” (Closing program)?

Families and friends are invited to the Grand Finale (previously called “Closing Program”) in the Worship Center at 6:30 pm on Friday, June 24th (admission is free).  You will be able to come and SIT WITH YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN while you see what they have experienced at Community VBS and have a fun evening of celebration and music!  Each grade level will be competing throughout the week for points in a number of areas, such as attendance, being on time, bringing their Bible, knowing their memory verse and bringing friends!  The winning group will be announced that night, and they will receive their prizes. Everyone in attendance is invited to a special ice cream party that will take place right after the program.

How much does CVBS cost?

Community VBS is FREE!  You may wish to purchase a t-shirt or CD at the tent in the parking lot.

How do I make a donation to Community VBS or to the Missionary Project?

To keep costs down, we rely on your kind donations. We have many needs to make Community VBS a successful week and community outreach!  On the first day of CVBS, your child will receive an Information sheet with an offering envelope attached. If for some reason this is misplaced, replacements can be found at the Information Booth or in the CVBS office. If you wish, you can give your child’s offering to your child’s Crew Leader, bring it to the CVBS office, or give at the Grand Finale (offerings received that night will go toward CVBS expenses). We are also collecting an offering throughout the week for our Missionary project, which your children will be learning about in their Missionary Story time.  Please indicate if you want your offering to go to cover CVBS expenses or if you wish to contribute to the Missionary Project.  Thank you!

How do I contact CVBS?

Email us at